A lil' bit about Crummies

Hello, Im Stephanie Baudhuin, owner and co-founder of Crummies. Alaskan born but Colorado is where my home is. I made my career as a graphic and print designer, prior to becoming a vegan food entrepreneur. My husband and I and our two doggies live in Milliken. We moved here back in 2010 and have watched the area grow immensely, all while keeping a nice small town vibe.

The founding of Crummies began back in 2017 when I gave up on commercialized meat, “cold turkey”. My husband and I began to navigate meals in our newly established multi-vore household. One meal in particular was giving us a real hard time each week, WHAT TO DO ABOUT TACO TUESDAY?
We quickly discovered that most of the Plant Based products on the grocery shelves were filled with Soy, Fillers, and frankly, unnecessary ingredients. I just wanted veggies!

After research and a lot of taste testing, we came up with our Meatless Crumble recipe. All natural, clean, and as versatile as ground meat.

Ingredients from the land, not the lab®

The Greeley Farmers Market in 2019 was where we made our first sale. The response was overwhelming and we both knew Crummies was on its way.

Crummies provides Vegan and Gluten Free Food in Northern Colorado. You can find our Meatless Crumble and Tamales at a Farmers Market or grocery store near you. You can also order online for front porch delivery.

Crummies is here for the Vegans and Vegetarians but also the Reductiarians that find plant-based eating somewhat intimidating or out of reach. We believe that our product provides everyone with a health conscious and easy solution to the obviously growing way of eating.

My asks for the community as simple.

- Please connect me with any contacts in both the grocery and restaurant space that may be interested in a chemical free plant-based meat alternative like Crummies.

- Please follow me on social media, @crummiesco

- And finally, support small and local businesses, there is an abundance of amazing entrepreneurs out there.

Take care everyone and stay safe and healthy!

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