What are Crummies and What can you do with them?

Our Simple Ingredients set us far apart from our competitors and provide a product free of fillers or other unnecessary additives. We want you, the consumer, to have creative control of your recipe. Below is what you get with Crummies, simple and tasty!

How do our Ingredients Compare to the "Other Guys"? Download to find out

Simply thaw, sautee and add your favorite ingredients.

Tacos, Pizza, Spaghetti, the list goes on. Use Crummies for any recipe that would normally call for a ground meat. Or try it in a recipe that doesnt. We believe part of the joy of practicing a primarily plant based diet is the experimenting and discovering new ways to cook this amazing product. Click on the links below to see some recipes we have enjoyed.

Crummies Tacos

Crummies Burgers

Crummies Pasta with Marinara

CrumBalls-Meatless Meatballs

Crummies Portobella Caps

Crummus-Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Crummies Pie- Our Take on Shepard's Pie

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